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What Are The Advantages Of An Online Trainer?

We have stepped into an era where everyone is health conscious. We are coming across more and more people who are actually making efforts towards improving their health and well being. However, following a healthy routine has its own challenges are inevitable especially in a nation like India where health awareness has just started picking up pace. Health enthusiasts over here are still struggling in searching for a qualified health trainer and after finding one, wait for weeks to get their appointments. Adding to this misery is the fact that personal training in India is a very costly ordeal. Due to this people find it difficult to move ahead with their fitness goals. Moreover, the trainers are so thickly scheduled that they may not be available for you. Thus, you may never find a personal trainer of your choice and may reluctantly settle for someone else who is available or affordable.


Interestingly, there is one way through which you can get all the benefits of personal training without most of its drawback – Online Training. Although India is moving at a fast pace towards technological intervention and going digital but not everything is yet available online. India has a lot of qualified trainers but not all of them are available online. Since, India is still developing and internet friendliness has just started seeping in, using internet as a medium for health coaching is still a new concept here. We have taken a step towards solving this crisis by introducing our own platform training.indianbodybuilding.co.in that will provide all the fitness expertise, advice, coaching and guidance to its members online. With this unique platform, you can gain access to fitness material, get associated with leading instructors and enjoy fitness at your own pace by just getting on the internet. An online trainer is no less than a one-on-one personal trainer; in fact, at times he can be even better. Here we are sharing with you a few advantages of having an online trainer to be your fitness guru.

Expertise that’s not expensive

online-training-is-economicalYou sure are ready to make some investments towards your health goals however, how far can you go? Can you shell out thousands of rupees every month in the name of personal training? Yes, saying thousands won’t be an understatement if you are looking for a well qualified and experienced personal trainer.

When you talk about an online trainer, you can gain access to their expertise at much lower rates. Online fitness training is available right from basic to professional levels. In basic level training, your online trainer will make available pre-recorded modules and sessions that you can access by paying a very reasonable fee. Even though it is basic, it is enough to help you meet your fitness goals. Even the personalized training sessions cost much less than what the in-person instructor would charge. Your online trainer, in most cases, will also act as your nutritionist.

Hence, if money is your biggest concern, then going or an online trainer is the best available option.

  • Fitness plan that’s flexible

fitenss-plans-are-flexibleYes, we are busy and we are the busiest when it comes to our own health. No matter how hard we try, our routines do not allow us to head to the gym. Think about it – can you actually miss out on your work or keep your clients on hold just so that you can hit the gym as per your trainer’s schedule? Well, we obviously cannot and this is where having an online trainer is of best value.

An online trainer provides all the instructions that are required for your routines online through tutorials and videos. Since, all the instructions are available online; you have the liberty to access them anytime, anywhere. With an in-person trainer, you have to be available when your trainer has taken out time for you but with an online trainer it is exactly the opposite. You can decide to have an early morning workout or a late night workout; no matter what time you choose, your online trainer will be there for you.

  • Trainer of your choice

choice-of-trainersYou might find it amusing but personal health and fitness instructors are actually in high demand. You might have to wait for weeks and months at times to get a qualified and experienced trainer onboard with you. You can definitely get some assistance at the local gyms but you won’t get that personal attention and customized service that you are seeking.

When it comes to online training, you will be able to avail the expertise of even leading trainers. Your chosen trainer can be from a different city, state or a different country altogether and you can still flourish under his expertise with efficiency. Right from your sessions to your conversations with him/her takes place online. If you have access to internet, then the entire fitness world is at the end of your click.

  • Workout at your own pace:

training-at-your-own-paceWe all learn things at our pace. Some are fast learners and get accustomed to the workout routines very easily and quickly. However, there are some who actually take time to understand the routines and perform them correctly. It is not possible to move at your own pace when you are one of the many at a gym. You get dragged along. Even with personal trainers who train you for three days in a week max, it is difficult to have you r own pace.

With an online trainer, you can enjoy a workout plan that moves according to your learning ability. Online trainers provide workout instructions in the form of videos and images so that you understand the movements. They also provide slow motion video that will help even the slow learners to get the exact moves. You can repeat a session as many times as you need. Thus, with an online trainer you can enjoy your workout plan that progresses at your desired speed.

  • Enjoy attention and customization

You might think that online training is flawed because you won’t get to interact with your trainer. He won’t be there to guide you at each step and you might find yourself lost at some point of time; however this is far from being true.

Most of the well rated online trainers try different things to ensure that they stay in touch with their clients. 24/7 chat support, weekly call sessions, twitter and Facebook updates, email support and weekly progress reports are some of the channels that are being utilized widely. Depending upon the plan and the feedback, the routines plans are updates and revised. Thus, even with an online training, the efficiency of your work out plan is ensured.

Well, we are not saying that every online trainer would be so vigilant. Not every instructor updates the video tutorials on a weekly basis or modifies your plan as per your feedback. These are the factors that differentiate trainers. It is important that you check out all these things before finalizing your online trainer.

  • No need to be shy

We know of a lot of people who are keen on becoming fit but they are not able to do so because they get too conscious in front of their peers and trainers. Most of the people struggling to lose weight often suffer from an inferiority complex and this hampers the efficiency of their workout plans.

With online training, you do not have to rely on an in-person coach or peers to stay around you and monitor you all the time.  You will already have all the information and the right techniques to carry out a particular session and thus, you can you can enjoy your workout without anyone’s involvement. With no one around to distract, you can benefit from the sessions and reach your goals faster.

These are the major benefits of getting an online trainer to help you out in achieving your fitness goals. Since, a lot is possible with technological intervention, the online training session are often very interesting. With the use of music, colors, animation, the simple sessions are made fun to follow. The trainers at training.indianbodybuilding.co.in are qualified, experiences and full of inspiration and motivation. They will help you in understanding your health needs better and will devise a suitable health plan for you that you can follow. With a good and dedicated trainer watching over you, your fitness goals are well within your reach.

November 7, 2016

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