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How To Start A Career As An Online Fitness Trainer In India

Health and fitness is a fast blooming sector in India. Modernization and globalization are the two main factors that have given a 180 degree turn to our perspectives when it comes to fitness. India in the past years has come face to face with different nations that enjoy better health and fitness facilities like equipments, gyming infrastructure, exercises, practices and diet plans etc. Indian fitness trainers have graciously brought these foreign elements to our domestic grounds making this sector very exciting and promising for the Indian masses. One such element is Online Fitness Training.

It has been estimated that by the end of this year, thefitness sector will expand by 26 percent. Since, India has emerged as such a great market for fitness products; a lot of foreign gyms and fitness brands have entered our nation. Thus, the need for personal trainers is on the rise.With online training gaining wide acceptance and popularity, venturing into online personal training is definitely a promising career. Today, here we will guide you on how you can start a career as an online fitness trainer in India.

  • Qualification

fitness-trainer-qualificationThe first thing that a client looks for in a trainer is his qualification and experience. Since he does not know you personally, your work speaks for you. Qualified trainers are in high demand and are readily absorbed by gyms and institutes. So if you have decided to be an online fitness trainer, get yourself certified. There are many certifications available in India that increase your value as a personal trainer.

Some of the most highly valued certifications are Personal Training Certification from American Council on Exercise popularly called as ACE Certification, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and National Conditioning and Strength Federation (NCSF). These are foreign-based institutes who give fitness instructor certifications that are valid in the United Stated, United Kingdom, and Asian Countries. A lot of institutes in India provide these courses to fitness enthusiasts. In addition to these, a lot of institutes like Gold Gym, Better Your Fitness, etc. provide their own certifications that qualify you as a personal trainer. You can also get yourself certified as a nutritionist. Having qualifications for both – trainer and nutritionist definitely add to your value.

  • Your USP

fitness-trainer-uspThere are hundreds of trainers out there providing different types of exercises. Why should a client come to you? This is the first question that you should find an answer to. The answer lies in your speciality. Niches like aerobics and gyming attract a lot of clients. Therefore, if you specialize in this, you are bound to attract a good client base. To add value to your domain, specialize in something that is relatively new. Parkour and Crossfit our highly value regimens and coaches specializing in these are handsomely paid. Likewise, you can choose power yoga, zumba, weight management, sports fitness training, post pregnancy weight management, rehab post injury, body building etc. as your niche. Have a few pre- defined niches so that clients find it easier to consider your service.

  • Client Type

know-your-client-typeWho do you see as your target audience? Understanding this is very important as your set up, teaching technique and material will differ largely depending upon the client base. You cannot have the same teaching pattern for male and female clients. Likewise, post injury rehabilitation workout will differ largely from a sports fitness workout. Define your target audience correctly. Put down a workout plan based on this that would cater to the general requirements of the clients. It is always advisable to be open to more than one client type. This adds versatility to your profile.

  • Putting up a Website

fitness-trainer-websiteFor an online trainer, his/her website is the most important asset. A probable client will immediately analyse your level of work by looking at it. Therefore, give due consideration to your website. It should be simple to navigate so that the users can find the desired content easily.

Viewers would like to know more about the trainer, so update the site with info about yourself, your journey, what inspires you, your beginning, your achievements, challenges etc. If you can write well, write your inspiring story personally. If not, you can easily get writers who will help you in bringing all the data together.

The most important thing on your website will be the fitness videos from you. You needto ensure that these videos are of good quality. The video and audio are crisp. The instructions are elaborate and easy to follow. As far as possible, ensure that the videos showcase you. This adds more credibility to it.

  • Right Platform

Giving out instructions at a gym where your client is in front if you is very different from online training wherein there is very little to no direct contact between you and the client. You definitely need some experience in managing fitness training online. Find a platform that can give you the correct exposure. The benefit of being part of a reputed training platform like IBB is that it is deemed as more trustworthy by the clients.

Choose a platform that is popular and allows you to work in your niche. Go for a platform that utilizes good technical elements when it comes to designing online programs. The IBB training platform is the place where you can give a perfect start to your online fitness training career. We value your speciality and we allow you to work in your space. We support and assist capable trainers in developing and enhancing their online teaching programs. You get the desired exposure, experience and expertise when you work with us.

  • Practise what you preach

You are a fitness trainer and hence your clients expect you to be fit to the point of perfection. If you are sloppy and out of shape how will your clients trust you? Be what your clientele aspires to be. If aspiring bodybuilders are your clienteles, then have a physique that would inspire them. If you are a weight management specialist then ensure that you don’t roam around with a bulging belly. Look fit and healthy if you want our clients to entrust you with their fitness goals.

  • Keep Learning

Yes, it is true that you are a trainer, a health expert but that does not mean that you stop learning. Keep an eye on the leading health experts across the globe. Check out their innovations, learn from them, and see what you can incorporate in your routines. Keep updating and upgrading your modules. Be ready to try new things with yourself and your clients. If you want to teach effectively, then never give up on learning.

  • Gather Referrals

client-referenceWebsite is nothing without viewers or traffic. How will your newly put up website gather enough audience and business? The most effective way to get business would be word of mouth. Coach some clients in person, who have a great social network like a doctor in your vicinity, a cop in your area, some blogger friend that you have etc. Invest your time and workout with them to get good results. They will automatically start referring the people to you. For example, the doctor you helped to get in shape will start referring his patients and peers to your website. This way, simply by word of mouth, your website will start gaining traffic and automatically improve its search engine ranking.

  • Care for your clients

care-for-your-clientsNeedless to say, you can never be an excellent coach if you do not care for your clients. They have entrusted you with their health and hence, you cannot take your profession lightly. Be ready to give your best at any given point of time. Do not make tall claims and give false assurance for gaining business if you cannot actually fulfil them. Look at your clients as individuals and not as just business prospects. If you can connect to them, then you will definitely excel as a fitness trainer.

These are a few pointers following which you can establish yourself as an online trainer. It is always advisable to gather enough experience as an in person fitness instructor before switching to online training. The experience that you gain at a gym will help you to utilize the online medium effectively. We at, training.indianbodybuilding.co.in are a community of health and fitness experts who are dedicated towards serving their clients. We welcome health instructors who are willing to give their best, with open arms. With our repute and resources and your capability and talent, we can transform fitness training in India.

November 7, 2016

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