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Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary in 8 Weeks

This is a 8 week transformation program by Siddhant Jaiswal to take your body to a next level.

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In this 8 week course, you will get daily nutrition and workout plan. Siddhant will explain all the details about the course through videos which will be available to you once you enroll to the course.

Every day, 2 new videos will be released and sent to you via Email and notification. In these videos, Siddhant explains in detail what workout is to be followed and nutrition is to be taken. More over he also explains to you why you these workout and diet is important, what is its significance and what are the alternatives. With these videos you will not only know what workout and diet to follow in the program but also get an understanding how to plan your workout and diet even after this 8 weeks training program is complete.

A one on one session will be available with Siddhant to customize the workout and diet plan as per your requirement and based on your body type.

Course Curriculum

How to prepare ourself for this course 00:15:00
Before Photos00:00
Week 1
Day 1 00:10:00
This is the day 1 of you transformation program, today we will be doing chest and biceps workout.
Week 2
Day 8 00:00:00
Week 3
Day 15 00:00:00
Week 4
Day 22 00:00:00
Week 5
Day 29 00:00:00
Week 6
Day 36 00:00:00
Week 7
Day 43 00:00:00
Week 8
Day 50 00:00:00

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    Very Good Plan

    Nice Plan with detailed day to day videos.

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  • 8 Weeks
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