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India's most popular bodybuilding and fitness website now brings to you online training programs from the best trainers in the industry.

Get Daily Diet Plan, Workout routine, nutrition guidance and more

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FitSphere Solutions LLP runs and manages IBB (Indian Bodybuilding - www.indianbodybuilding.co.in). Over the years of providing services to the bodybuilding and fitness industry we realised that the personal training sector is totally unmanaged and there is a large scope of improvement.

There is a big number of enthusiast that want to get trained by the best athletes and trainers but are not able to do so. Either because they are not staying in the same locality as of the trainer or because they cannot afford the personalized training which can cost anywhere between INR 5,000 to INR 50,000 per month. To overcome the location issue, some trainer provides online personal training program which helps them reach clients that are not in their locality. But the way the way the training plans are showcased, executed and shared with customer does not match the quality of a real personal training.

How does the conventional Online Personal Training Programs work:

The trainers usually list out various plans that he/she offers on their personal website. They provide some details about the plan such as duration, requirements, price etc. Customer come to their website and buy the plan. The trainer will schedule one or two skype calls with the customer to understand the requirements. Then based on the inputs he/she will shared weekly or monthly personalized workout and diet plan with customer. These plans are in the form of pdf, document or excel. After this, the trainer has weekly or bi-weekly skype call with the customer to check the progress and answer any questions. Some trainers also provided limited email based support while other even provide phone based support.

Problems with conventional Online Personal Training Programs:


  • No Clarity: The Client does not even know what are the things that he would get from the trainer, when he would get the data, how would the plan work. Hence he is hesitant to buy the plan.
  • Difficult: It gets boring for the customer to follow the instructions in the PDF/ Excel Sheet.
  • Validity: There is not way for the customer to know the feedback or review about the plan before buying. Only the good testimonials are put on trainers website which are difficult to validate.
  • Expensive: A good trainer will charge anywhere between 5,000 to 35,000 for the plan which gets expensive for most of the customers.


  • No Automation : 80% of the plan remains the same for all the customers, 20% is what needs to be personalized based on their specific requirements. However, the steps involved in the common 80% part still needs to be repeated for each customer.
  • No System: There is no system in place to showcase their plans to customers effectively and to automate the common part of their training plans.
  • Time: Because of the above points, they have to spend too much redundant time on each customer.
  • Redundancy: Since there is no community around the training plan, Same questions asked by one customer gets repeated by other customers.


IBB Training Platform

To help solve this problem, We have started the IBB Training Platform, where in we reach out to the best trainer and athletes in the industry with the best plans and make it available to everyone.

  • We analyse the requirements and expectations of the users.
  • A Detailed study of the training plan provided by the trainers is done.
  • Automate the entire training process and set up appropriate support channels to the trainers (Email, Video Call, Private groups)
  • Capture video series of the training plan
  • We let trainer customise the plan as per individual's specific requirements.
  • Once customer enrols to the plan he gets the daily/weekly plan details on his emails and other notifications.
  • Customer can connect with the trainer for any queries using anyone of the support channel.
  • Customer can connect with other users in the community that are following the same plan.

Advantages of IBB Training Platform to customers:

  • Clarity: Customer will know exactly what he will get before he actually buy's the training plan
  • Best Trainers: The best trainers and athletes in the fitness industry are available on the IBB training Platform
  • Interesting: The presentation of the plan is audio and video format which makes it very easy to follow.
  • Genuine Reviews:  Customer can see the reviews of other people who have already purchased the used the plan of the trainer.
  • Affordable: Personalized training plan form the best trainers are made available at the most affordable price, without compromise on the quality of the plan.
  • Community Support: There is a community built around all the people that are taking the same plan. These helps the members help each other with common questions related to the plan. Community also helps in keeping the members motivated during their transformation journey.